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Walk-ins are permitted, due to increased volume your wait time could be extended. You are encouraged to contact the office prior to your intended arrival time.

Urgent Care For A Better Life

Holistic Urgent Care is uniquely positioned to care for acute illness, infections, and injuries with an emphasis on natural medical remedies and modalities whenever possible.

We are also able to provide on-demand wellness care to alleviate fatigue, enhance alertness, and keep your immune system strong.

Offering same-day scheduling and walk-ins are welcome! 

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Get to Root Cause

Step 1

We never treat just your symptoms.  We want to get to the core of what is causing your problem.

Custom Health Plan

Step 2

Every “Body” is different, and we create customized health plans tailored to your specific needs.

You See Results

Step 3

Regain balance in your body, feel more alive, experience clarity and natural energy that lasts.  It’s time to feel amazing!

Get to Know Rebecca Miller, ND

Urgent care

Immediate Non-Emergency care

We can help you with your immediate needs.  Do you have an illness that keeps getting worse?  Pain that won’t go away?  We can help you feel better fast!

Primary care

World Class Treatment of chronic issues

We also specialize in treating chronic health issues. With our innovative approach combined with the newest technology, we have a solution for you!  We can’t wait to see you.



I started treatments with Dr. Becky six short months ago, and my life has changed completely since that point.

I remember leaving that first appointment BLOWN AWAY at the business model put forth by Holistic Urgent Care + Primary Care. It is truly integrative healthcare in the ways it’s meant to be, and every component helps take away the sting of too many years in the wrong types of doctors’ offices. The air is clean, the surroundings and details will make you smile, and the staff is the absolute BEST that you’ll find anywhere. She notices the subtle details and is incredibly skilled at what she does. Every person there adds something special, and they become people you look forward to seeing.



I am so happy to have been recommended Holistic Urgent Care and Primary. The moment I walked in with my family I knew this was the right place for us. There is nothing more that I love than like minded educated individuals to care for my family. The team is professional, educated, friendly, and everything in-between.

When it comes to my families health, I don’t mind the drive from the westside here nor do I mind the private pay, it is worth it 110%.

I am so happy to have found a place that I trust for primary needs and also should there be an urgency for my loved ones.

Emina L.



We’ll Help You Feel Better FAST

We specialize in helping patients that think they have tried everything.  We are sometimes the last hope for people to experience healing and wellbeing.  We pride ourselves in being there to support you on your health journey.  Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation today!

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